Man arrested for Småland arson attack

A man has been arrested on suspicion of arson after a fire broke out at a Netto supermarket in a town in Småland, southern Sweden. The town, Smålandsstenar, has been the scene of a series of arson attacks in recent months.

“We have arrested a man who we suspect was involved in all this,” said Bo Gunnarsson of Jönköping Police.

The man was arrested near the scene of the fire at the Netto store, which broke out just before 1am on Wednesday. One hour later, the fire had spread throughout the building. Fourteen people were evacuated from a nearby apartment block.

A number of other fires broke out in the area during the night. Some particle boards were found burning on an industrial estate, and a summer cottage in nearby Uvekull was also found to be burning. The latter fire was quickly extinguished.

Police say that the indications are that the summer cottage fire was started deliberately. The fire is likely to have started within minutes of that at Netto, which is about 2 kilometres away. Police are so far not saying whether they suspect the man for starting the summer cottage fire.

The town of Smålandsstenar, which has under 5,000 inhabitants, has been the scene of around ten arson attacks since January.