Dutch cannibal ate driver’s nose during tulip delivery

A Dutch cannibal remains in hospital after seriously injuring himself in connection with an attack on a compatriot in the southern Swedish town of Växjö last month.

On March 8th, The Local reported that a 58-year-old Dutch man delivering tulip bulbs to Sweden had his nose and ear bitten off by his travelling companion.

It has now been revealed that the perpetrator of the attack was a 45-year-old cannibal who had hitched a lift to Sweden with the truck driver.

Newspaper Expressen reports that the attacker was almost eaten alive by a puma at a zoo when he was a child. Ever since then he has been attracted to animal behaviour – and cannibalism.

“He said he was going to eat me up,” the 58-year-old truck driver told Expressen.

Police suspected that something was amiss after receiving reports that a Dutch-registered truck had rammed a transformer, knocking the power out of a nearby school.

On arrival at the scene, police soon came upon the truck driver, who was suffering from serious facial injuries.

“One of his ears had been bitten off, as had parts of his nose,” said police spokesman Robert Loeffel.

Police later recovered the missing body parts and transported them to the hospital where doctors managed to sew them back on.

A few hundred metres away, police discovered a second man with life-threatening injuries. He was found – naked and covered in blood – at the bottom of a set of fire escape stairs, from which he is thought to have jumped. He was immediately taken to hospital, where he underwent surgery.

The 45-year-old attacker has since been charged with serious assault but the trial has been postponed until such time as he is released from hospital, where he is still being treated under the watchful eye of a security guard.

The brutal attack occurred after the driver had stopped for a rest on the outskirts of Växjö, parking his truck outside a sports hall some distance away from the transformer which was later rammed.

The 58-year-old explained to Expressen that he and his passenger had gone to bed in two separate berths in the cabin when the 45-year-old suddenly threw the driver’s trousers out of the truck.

When he went out to retrieve them the cannibal struck.

“Now I’m going to eat you up but first I am going to gouge out your eyes,” the 45-year-old is reported to have said to his victim.

The hitch-hiker – who has said that he takes medication for schizophrenia – claims to have no recollection of last month’s events.

“But it seems unlikely that I would have committed such violent acts,” he told Expressen.