Church of Sweden barred from Ethiopian summit

The Church of Sweden has been told that it is not welcome at a major religious congress to be hosted by the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus this June.

The Swedish church’s decision to give its blessing to gay couples has been cited as the reason for Mekane Yesus withdrawing its invitation.

“Some people don’t share our view on same-sex relationships,” Archbishop Anders Wejryd told newspaper Dagen.

With four and a half million members, Mekane Yesus is one of the largest Evangelical-Lutheran churches in the world.

Prior to the planned congress, Ethiopian church leaders wrote a letter to their Swedish counterparts asking about their view on homosexuality.

When the Church of Sweden failed to reply Mekane Yesus opted to retract its earlier invitation.

Representatives of both churches told Dagen that they intend to arrange a meeting at a later date to discuss the matter.