Celebrity mag slammed for boob attack

Celebrity magazine Solo G has been criticized by the Swedish Press Council for expressing negative opinions about a woman's large breasts. Having received a complaint from the woman in question, the council found that the magazine was guilty of a breach of press ethics.

Two pictures of the woman, who is not a celebrity, were published in an issue of the magazine. Accompanying one of the images was a text criticizing her “beachball-sized silicone breasts”. Underneath the snap was a caption that read: “This big is just not attractive”.

The woman wrote to the press council to complain that she had felt insulted and humiliated when she saw how she had been treated by the magazine. She also pointed out that her breasts were naturally large.

“The details appear to be speculative and the magazine is to be censured for its neglect of press ethics,” the council wrote in its verdict.

As the woman is not a public figure, the magazine’s decision to publish could not be excused by an appeal to the public interest.