Tourist boat destroyed in Stockholm blaze

A wooden boat built in viking style was completely destroyed by fire at its mooring in Stockholm's Gamla Stan on Saturday morning.

The fire brigade were called to the scene at 4.30am after the blaze broke out on Svea Viking, a popular tourist boat that plied the waters around the city.

Black smoke drifted from the boat – which was located in front of the Royal Palace – over large parts of central Stockholm. There was no risk that the fire would spread, according to Ulf Larsson, spokesman at the emergency services.

Around 25 firemen took part in the operation to contain the fire. Their work was made harder by the fact that they were not able to go onboard the boat, due to several holes in its hull.

“We had to fight the fire from the quayside. When you’re putting out fires on boats, with all their nooks and crannies, it’s often very complicated,” said Larsson.

The cause of the fire was still unclear later on Saturday morning. Nobody was injured.

“It’s far too early to say what started the fire. The Police and our experts will investigate during the day,” said Ulf Larsson.

Photo on previous page: Hans Kylberg