“Green garbage tax not working”

Several leading alliance politicians on the parliamentary taxation committee want to scrap the new incineration tax.

Last year, as part of an increased raft of environmental taxes, the Swedish government introduced a tariff on household waste which is incinerated. The objective was “to promote waste disposal which is environmentally and economically advantageous”.

“It’s a bad tax, since it mainly just means that households have to pay more for their garbage collection,” said the chairman of the taxation committee, Lennart Hedquist, of the Moderates.

“[The tax] hasn’t been constructed in a way that gives it any measurable environmental effects,” he told Svenska Dagbladet.

Hedquist’s view was supported by fellow committee members Jörgen Johansson of the Centre Party, and the Christian Democrats’ representative Lennart Sacrédeus.

The Liberals’ Gunnar Andrén would prefer to replace the tax with something which further improves the environment, according to SvD.

A proposal for changing the tax, which would mean that households’ garden waste would be exempted, should have been submitted in March. But it has been delayed and according to SvD’s sources the debate has now shifted towards scrapping the tax altogether as part of the autumn budget.