Scores arrested during Valborg festivities

Sweden's Valborg - or Walpurgis - celebrations lived up to expectations on Monday night with disorder and drunkenness reported across the country. But despite the rowdiness, there was no serious violence.

A number of rapes were reported, including in Lund and Gothenburg. In Västerås a 15-year-old boy is in custody on suspicion of attempted rape and a 16-year-old girl told police that she had been raped in Sandviken.

The incidents of drunkenness appear to have been evenly distributed across the country, though as usual Uppsala was at the heart of it with 75 people taken into custody and large quantities of alcohol seized.

In Skåne 26 people were arrested for assault of varying degrees between 10pm on Monday and 3.30am on Tuesday, according to police spokesman Hans Nilsson. 33 people were arrested for drunkenness in the county.

A large number of those assaults took place in Malmö, but there were also cases in Lund, Staffanstorp, Ängelholm, Höganös and Eslöv which resulted in arrests.

By midnight, police in Dalarna were surprised not to have had a single case of drunkenness by midnight. But the calm did not hold and by dawn around 15 seriously intoxicated people had been taken into custody and large amounts of illegal spirits confiscated from teenagers.

Stockholm’s streets were lively during the night and Maria Ungdom, a clinic which deals with alcoholism and drunkenness among the young, was forced to close its doors due to overcrowding.

Conference hall Näringslivets Hus was attacked early on Tuesday morning by around 20 people who threw bricks and stones through the windows. They also flung paint over the walls of the building on Storgatan in Stockholm before fleeing, according to witness accounts.

In most parts of the country police said that the night was as expected and that there was a similar level of disorderliness as last year’s Valborg.