Police reinforcements for Sahlin speech

Swedish police have strengthened their presence in Kalmar in preparation for the May 1st speech by the leader of the Social Democrats, Mona Sahlin .

Reinforcements were ordered after it emerged that the National Socialist Front, a nazi organisation, is planning to disrupt the traditional speech with a demonstration.

“According to our information there will be 70-80 people in this demonstration, which is not authorized,” said police spokesman Ulf Karlsson.

“You never know how these things will go so it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

The police have not ruled out the possibility that the far right group’s presence will attract left wing extremists. Such encounters in the recent past have resulted in violent confrontations.

“We have prepared by calling in as many extra people as we can,” said Karlsson.

Mona Sahlin will be delivering her speech at Larmtorget at 2pm.