Extremists gather to abuse Mona Sahlin

Around 70 nazis from the National Socialist Front group held an unauthorized demonstration in Kalmar on Tuesday. They yelled abusive slogans directed at Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin , who was giving a speech in the city, and prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt before dispersing voluntarily.

The right wing extremists gathered at 1pm outside the cathedral in Stortorget, the square through which the Social Democrats’ May 1st march was due to pass.

Mona Sahlin was labelled as “trash” by the protestors, while Fredrik Reinfeldt was described as “scum”.

There was a large police presence in the square, but after half an hour the crowd broke up without any arrests.

The police had earlier announced that reinforcements were being brought in to deal with the threat of a protest, after receiving intelligence that the nazi organization was planning to disrupt Mona Sahlin’s speech.

Sahlin delivered the speech as planned at 2pm.