Swedes still opposed to Nato

Swedes are still opposed to joining Nato, according to a new poll published on Thursday.

46 percent of those who answered the survey by Gothenburg University’s SOM Institute said they were against joining the North Atlantic military alliance, while 22 percent were in favour. The figures, presented in Svenska Dagbladet, have not changed since the same poll was carried out last year.

Moderate Party voters are more in favour of joining, with 35 percent in favour and 33 percent against. Left and Green party supporters are against, with 6 and 7 percent respectively in favour of Sweden becoming a member of the pact.

The issue of Nato membership is further down the political agenda than during the Cold War, when Sweden’s freedom from alliances was put forward as a crucial part of its defence strategy. Today, three out of the four governing parties are broadly in favour of joining Nato, with only the Centre Party firmly opposed. Of these, only the Liberal Party has chosen to actively push the issue in recent years.

The three left-wing opposition parties are firmly opposed to ending Sweden’s tradition of not joining military alliances.