Alliance parties ‘won’t merge’

There will be no party mergers within the governing Alliance, the secretaries of the four parties have declared.

The Moderate Party’s Per Schlingmann, the Centre Party’s Anders Flanking, the Liberals’ Erik Ullenhag and the Christian Democrats’ Lennar Sjögren declared in an article in Thursday’s Dagens Nyheter that their parties will remain independent.

The four men wrote that each party had a responsibility to deepen its own analysis of society and its policies. With that foundation, the Alliance could build a new common election manifesto for the 2010 election. Discussions about that manifesto are already underway, the quartet said.

“With four parties developing individually we will together be able to develop the Alliance. Respect must be shown for our differences. The fact that the Alliance’s parties sometimes have different solutions for society’s problems is natural and a strength.”