Sweden ups security at Russian embassy in Stockholm

Swedish police have increased security around the Russian embassy in Stockholm after two men threw cobblestones into the embassy grounds, police said on Thursday.

“Yes, we have increased security,” a Stockholm police duty officer told AFP, adding that two men had thrown stones onto the embassy grounds late Wednesday.

Press reports said several cars were damaged.

Sweden on Wednesday issued a protest to Moscow after its ambassador to Russia Johan Molander was attacked during a visit to the Estonian embassy in Moscow.

The attack occurred as Molander visited the embassy to discuss diplomatic tension between Russia and Estonia following the relocation of a Soviet war memorial in the Baltic state’s capital, Tallinn.

Immediately after the incident in Stockholm, the Russian embassy contacted the Swedish foreign ministry and asked authorities to guarantee the mission’s safety.

“We were in touch with police prior to the incident as we were concerned something might happen and again after the embassy had expressed its concern over the incident,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Sofia Karlberg told AFP.

“We are now monitoring the situation,” she added.