Naked motorbike man on the loose

A naked motorcyclist is on the loose in southern Sweden.

Police in Höör were informed at lunchtime on Friday that a man had been spotted riding naked by Nya Torget in the town.

But by the time a police patrol arrived at the central square, however, the mystery biker had vanished.

“We put it out on the police radio but none of our patrols have seen him yet,” police spokesman Lars Mahler told The Local.

There are no indications as to whether the man was properly protected.

“If you ride a motorbike you need a helmet but there is no other protective clothing required,” said Mahler.

So the nude motorbike man is not breaking the law if he has a licence and a helmet?

“Well, we would ask him why he was riding around naked. Also if somebody didn’t like it they could report him for disorderly conduct,” said Mahler.