Police seek suspected paedophile in Stockholm suburb

Police are searching for a suspected paedophile after an incident on Sunday in which a man tried to lead a 3-year-girl away from a playground in the Stockholm suburb of Jordbro.

The girl was playing with her friends when the man took her hand. As they were walking from the playground they encountered a group of adults, several of whom knew the girl’s mother.

Not recognizing the man, they asked him what he was doing. At this point he let the girl go and left the area, according to police commissioner Hans Andersson.

“We conducted some preliminary interrogations at the scene and we will question the witnesses further later in the week,” said Andersson.

The man is described as being around 65 years old, with grey hair and a beard. He was wearing sunglasses at the time of the incident and is reported to have spoken with a Finnish accent.

Police have not yet been able to find a connection with other incidents involving children.

“We don’t know yet whether we really are dealing with a paedophile or just a generally confused man. But of course we are treating the matter seriously,” said Andersson.