Glamour model wins case against men’s magazine

Stockholm District Court has ordered Bingo Rimér, editor of Moore magazine, to pay one of his models 150,000 kronor ($22,000) in compensation after publishing pictures of her without her consent.

Clara Holmström originally agreed to appear on the cover of Moore men’s magazine in November 2005, for which she was paid 3,000 kronor, Aftonbladet reports.

But in the contract signed by Holmström and Bingo Rimér – who is both a photographer and the editor of Moore – the model received assurances that the magazine would have to seek her approval before publishing any further pictures of her.

On three separate occasions however the magazine broke with the terms of the contract.

When Holmström saw that one of the unauthorized pictures was accompanied by a decription of her as a bimbo, she decided she had seen enough and sued Rimér for 150,000 kronor.

“It feels fantastic to win a case against a big magazine and be able to show them that they can’t treat us models however they like,” Holmström told Aftonbladet after Monday’s decision.

Rimér, who is ultimately responsible for everything published in the magazine, has said that he will appeal.

“The pictures were used completely without my knowledge. Therefore I don’t understand the verdict and of course I intend to appeal,” he told Aftonbladet.

“The magazine did not follow the correct procedures and used pictures without my permission. I can’t be held responsible for it. I have no influence over work carried out by the editorial staff,” he added.