Eurocard swaps thousand cards over security worry

Over 1,000 Swedish Eurocard holders are being issued with new cards following suspicions that fraudsters have got hold of some people's card details.

The credit card company said it was cancelling the large number of cards as a precautionary measure, adding that many of the cards called in were unlikely to have been subject to fraud.

“There are unfortunately always fraudsters and these things can happen,” said Sofia Fjellestad, Eurocard Sweden’s marketing manager.

“Eurocard has a good security system and acts early over any suspicions. This means that we can do something about the problem before the customer is affected,” she added.

Affected customers will receive a letter from Eurocard encouraging them to call the company. They will then be asked to destroy their card, and will be issued with a new card with a new number.

The company added that customers who do fall victim to thieves or fraudsters will not lose out financially.