Stolen dog turns up 300 kilometres away

A dog stolen from its home in central Sweden in February has been handed in to a police station over 300 kilometres away.

Ronja, a breed of terrier, was taken from her home in Hofors in Gästriksland, 200 kilometres north of Stockholm, three months ago.

Then on Monday, owner Irene Lingman received a phone call from police in Nyköping, 100 kilometres south of Stockholm, saying that an unnamed man had left the dog at the police station. He had not claimed the 5,000 kronor reward Lingman had offered for anyone who found Ronja.

Lingman’s daughter, who lives in Stockholm, threw herself in the car and sped towards Nyköping to claim Ronja. By Monday night Ronja was home – with matted hair and tick bites – but in good spirits.