Housing prices continue to rise

New statistics have shown that housing prices are continuing to rise dramatically on the Swedish market.

The cost of apartments has risen by 21 percent over the last year, while house prices have increased by 5 percent over the same period, according to Mäklarstatistik.

In both cases trends suggests that prices are going to continue rising over the next three months.

House prices in the major cities have jumped by eleven percent in the last twelve months and there is no sign of a fall-off in the immediate future.

Apartments in the Stockholm and Malmö regions have gone up in price by 22 and 21 percent respectively, while in Gothenburg the increase has been less stark at 11 percent. Figures for the last three months suggest a continuation of the upward trend in each of the three cities.

The average cost per square metre of an apartment in Stockholm city centre is now 52,653 kronor ($7,614).

Lars Kilander, CEO of Mäklarsamfundet Bransch, describes the prices as “an all time high for Stockholm city centre”.

“Price growth has been very strong for a long time and people speculating on city centre apartments have often sold apartments on at a profit,” said Kilander in a statement.