Youth football match turns into scrap

A youth football match near Stockholm turned into a full-scale slanging match involving both players and their parents on Wednesday.

The youth teams Ösmo GIF and Arameiska-Syrianska, were playing in Ösmo, south of Stockholm, late on Wednesday night. The teams were both composed of boys aged around 16. Police arrived at the club just after 9:30pm.

“Both players and spectators were involved in the fight,” said Lars Alvarsjö of Södertörn Police. According to Aftonbladet, some of the spectators involved were parents to the players.

According to Alvarsjö, one person had been taken to hospital with minor injuries, while another had a number of teeth knocked out.

“We haven’t arrested anyone. They were so young, we felt we could sort the whole thing out on the spot. One of the culprits also disappeared from the scene when we arrived,” he said.

Police have received a number of complaints from those present, accusing others of assault.