Man burnt own apartment ‘to smoke out neighbours’

A 41-year-old man from Malmö set light to his own apartment in order to smoke out his neighbours, as part of a feud involving a tumble dryer.

The man is going on trial at Malmö District Court accused of arson, according to newspaper Punkt SE.

The neighbours had been feuding for around a year. The dispute had started over accusations that the neighbours had left their washing in the communal laundry room’s tumble dryer and had failed to clean the fluff filter.

In an unusual attempt to avenge himself, the man lit fires in five places in his own apartment, apparently in the hope that it would smoke the neighbours out. He also lit a fire in the basement of the apartment block. He then started kicking the neighbours’ door and banging it with a hammer.

The neighbours alerted emergency services, who managed to extinguish the fires before they could spread.