Girl gang charged for brutal assault

Two 16-year-old girls have been charged for the assault and mistreatment of a 14-year-old girl in Sandviken last autumn. Six other girls involved in the incident are below criminal age and will not face charges.

For several hours the 14-year was held against her will at several locations in the eastern town. The girls are reported to have smacked her in the face, punched her in the arms, spat at her, called her a whore and threatened to hand her over to a paedophile.

The girls also threatened to kick her teeth in, gouge her eyes out and kill her, Arbetarbladet reports.

The 14-year-old told police that she had tried to make eye contact with a number of passers-by but nobody intervened. She also saw several people watching the events from behind the windows of their homes.

The terror finally came to an end after she was pushed into an alleyway, where she had her head banged against a wall and was forced to take off her skirt. A group of youths witnessed the scene and came to the girl’s aid.

According to police, the incident occurred after the 14-year-old had sex with the 17-year-old boyfriend of one of the girls.

The gang wanted her to retract her claim that the boy had forced her to have sex with him.