Musician in royal immigration protest

A Swedish musician caused consternation during the Swedish royals' state visit to Denmark on Thursday when he launched an scathing attack on Danish immigration policy in front of Denmark's Queen Margrethe.

Mikael Wiehe, born to a Danish father and Swedish mother, had been invited to provide the entertainment at Öresutinget, a meeting of Danish and Swedish politicians discussing cross-border issues in Copenhagen. Both the Swedish and Danish royal couples were in the audience.

“Many Danes live in Malmö because laws have been passed forbidding them to live in Denmark with the person they love, because he or she comes from somewhere else. This is shameful,” he said.

He added that Swedes often refer to Danish policy as ‘Pölse Fascism’, in reference to the emblematic Danish ‘Pölse’ sausage.

Queen Margrethe was reported to have barely moved a muscle on her face as Wiehe attacked Danish policy.

Danish immigration laws have been described as some of the strictest in Europe. Particularly controversial has been the law stipulating that Danish citizens may not bring a foreign spouse into the country unless both partners are over 24.

The Dane must also pass a solvency test showing that he or she has not claimed benefits for 12 months. He or she must also pay a bond of more than 50,000 kronor (more than $9,000). Danes who are second generation immigrants have to demonstrate that they have stronger links to Denmark than to any other country before being allowed to bring their spouses in.

The strict Danish laws have led to many mixed-nationality couples living in Malmö and commuting across the Öresund Bridge.