CIA Egyptian denied Swedish residency

Mohammad Alzery, an Egyptian who was controversially deported from Sweden to his homeland on a CIA plane in 2001 has had his application for Swedish residency turned down.

The Swedish government in March overturned an official deportation order made in 2001 by then-Justice Minister Thomas Bodström. The decision allowed Alzery to reapply for Swedish residency. This application was rejected on Friday by the Swedish Migration Board, Swedish Radio reports.

The Migration Board rejected Alzery after seeking advice from the Swedish Security Police (Säpo). The Egyptian is viewed as a continued risk to national security, despite the fact that the accusations against him never led to prosecution in Egypt.

Friday’s decision can be appealed to the government.

Various United Nations bodies and international human rights organizations have criticized the deportation of Alzery and Ahmed Agiza on 18th December 2001. The fact that CIA agents were allowed to exercise authority on Swedish territory was a subject of concern. The US agents were also claimed to have treated the men in a brutal and humiliating manner.