Mass brawl at Swedish girls’ football match

A row between a parent and a referee at a girls' football match escalated into a brawl on Sunday.

The match, between two teams of 14-year-old girls, was being played at Möllevallen in Skurup. An exchange of words between the father of one of the players and the referee ended with the ref whacking a ball at the spectator.

“That’s one version. The referee’s version is that the parent threatened him with a corner flag,” said Stellan Andersson, at south Skåne police.

The father went and got into his car while the referee called for reinforcements. Shortly afterwards, several cars full of people – including the referee’s father – arrived.

Accoring to unconfirmed witness reports, they are said to have circled the father’s car and tried to smash in the windows.

The father managed to drive away from the scene but two cars set off in pursuit.

“We went down there with four units. The atmosphere was very threatening at first. Nobody has been arrested but the matter has been reported. I don’t know if both sides have reported it,” said Stellan Andersson.