Police may be given control over bouncers

The police should be given responsibility for placing bouncers at bars and nightclubs, while also ensuring that they are regularly moved around to different establishments, according to a new proposal.

Stockholm County Administrative Board believes that such a move would help reduce the level of violence and threats in the city’s nightlife.

The proposal has been put forward by a working group consisting of trade union representatives, police and security guards.

According to police, there are a number of cases in which criminal organizations have taken control over entrance fees and cloakrooms.

“We have completely lost control of pubs and bouncers,” a police spokesman told Svenska Dagbladet.

Policeman Bertil Jansson, who managed the working group behind the proposal, is confident that the proposal will have the desired effect.

“It will remove the problem of bouncers watching each others’ backs,” he told Svenska Dagbladet.