Tornado hits Swedish village

The western Swedish village of Virsbo was hit by a tornado on Monday evening. Trees were blown over, cars shook, and a power cut followed - but nobody was injured by the tornado, which was very powerful by Swedish standards.

Police spokesman Per Ahlström spoke of “logs thrown all over the place and trees lying like broken twigs”.

Two people were trapped inside a car when a tree fell across a country road.

“They weren’t injured but they couldn’t get out of their car as a result of the damage caused by the tree,” said Ahlström.

Emergency services in Virsbo had to get out their saws to remove fallen trees from the driveway before they could begin clearing the rest of the village.

According to meteorologist Inga-Lill Nordin, tornadoes are quite rare in Sweden.

“It happens around once a season in Sweden. I’m surprised that it was so powerful,” she said.