Swede sells unique wine collection

One of the Nordic region's finest wine collections is soon to go under the hammer in New York. Nils Stormby, a scientist from Malmö, has decided to sell his collection of over 5,000 bottles of wine, Sydsvenskan reports.

Among the bottles up for auction is a unique nineteenth century series from Château d’Yquem, a wine from the Sauternes region of southern Bordeaux regarded as one of the finest in the world.

Wine expert David Wainwright from Zachys in New York recently paid a visit to Stormby’s cellar in Malmö and estimated the collection to be worth around 20 million kronor ($3 million).

Although he feels that the time is right to sell what has been labelled ‘the Collection of a European Gentleman’, Stormby, who is also Japan’s Honorary General Consul in Malmö, does admit to a sense of imminent loss.

“I have begun writing my contribution to the auction catalogue. It will begin with the words: ‘Partir, c’est mourir un peu’ – parting is akin to a partial death,” he told Sydsvenskan.


John Oliver discovers Malmö’s sexy bins: ‘Just let us enjoy this’

Describing Malmö as "the Ohio of Sweden", John Oliver, the British host of American talkshow Last Week Tonight, has discovered the coastal city's sexy bins, which he reprogrammed with a new message.

John Oliver discovers Malmö's sexy bins: 'Just let us enjoy this'

According to John Oliver, the most interesting thing about Malmö is that it is home to Nina Persson, lead singer of The Cardigans, who became famous in the 90s due to hit track Lovefool.

“If you don’t know anything about Malmö,” Oliver says, “Don’t be discouraged, nobody does.”

Clearly, Nina Persson is not the only interesting thing about Malmö, as Oliver then goes on to discuss Malmö’s dirty-talking rubbish bins, which The Local were the first to report on in English back in summer this year.

Below is our video of the rubbish bins, filmed by The Local’s Richard Orange which you can also spot in the John Oliver clip:

“A reasonable question to this information would be ‘What happens when a child uses the garbage can?’,” Oliver says, adding that “a reasonable answer” would be “shut up! Let’s just enjoy this!”

Oliver was such a fan of the bins that he tasked the aformentioned star of Malmö, Nina Persson, with disposing a bucket of creepy dolls which had previously washed up on a beach in Texas in Malmö’s bins, only to be disappointed when he discovered the sexy voices were “only a summertime event”, and that the bins no longer talk dirty.

Luckily for him, when the show asked Malmö City Council if they could reprogram the talking bins with whatever they wanted, they “very unwisely said yes”.

You can watch the full video below, including context on why they wanted to dispose of some creepy dolls in the first place.