Security Service reports suspected spy

The Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) intends filing a report to the public prosecutor regarding the female army officer suspected of aiding a foreign spy, according to a representative from SÄPO's counterespionage unit.

This was revealed in a statement by the Swedish Armed Forces, which have come in for some criticism from Defence Minister Mikael Odenberg for their handling of the case.

“I have been a bit surprised to see people from the Military Intelligence and Security Service sitting on television studio sofas and publishing texts about this. It makes it quite difficult for the person in question to defend herself,” he said.

Odenberg added that he would prefer to see the procedure run its course through official channels.

The female officer at the centre of the case is suspected of having leaked secret NATO and United Nations documents to a Serbian spy with whom she had a love affair while serving in Sweden’s Kosovo force.

The woman was sent home to Sweden last year following preliminary investigations by the Military Intelligence and Security Service. A disciplinary committee later decided that there were not sufficient grounds for removing her from the army.

Recently, however, new information has emerged surrounding the case and the officer has once again been reported to the disciplinary committee.