Fredrik and Arnold talk green

Sweden's Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has met California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the final stage of his trip to the United States.

Schwarzenegger said that he and Reinfeldt could “certainly do a lot of things together.” He sought, and received, an invitation to visit Sweden.

Reinfeldt described the meeting as “an experience.”

Prior to the meeting, the former Terminator actor had described Sweden as a beautiful place that he had visited often during his days as a professional bodybuilder and during promotional tours for his books and films.

“But I have never been there in my new job as governor – I’m waiting for an invitation,” he said, and smiled at Reinfeldt.

The invitation was forthcoming. Reinfeldt also threw in an invitation to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, northern Sweden.

“It’s always nice to visit Europe, because I myself come from there,” the governor said, adding he was particularly keen to visit Reinfeldt – “someone who is enthusiastic about building the economy and protecting the environment at the same time.”

The environment and climate change were the main themes of the meeting between the two conservative politicians, who have both achieved success by adoption liberal and green policy agendas.

Prime Minister Reinfeldt said he and Schwarzenegger had very similar ideas about how the climate threat should be tacked. Setting a limit for greenhouse gas emissions, getting emission rights trading working and putting pressure on industry were all necessary to tackle the problem.

“Here there is a boom in the green industry sector, which is creating jobs,” Reinfeldt pointed out.

He also said he was impressed by how Schwarzenegger was cooperating with other state governors. In February the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington signed an agreement on environmental cooperation.

“The individual states could be important partners with Europe in creating a post-Kyoto document,” Reinfeldt said.

The meeting also discussed a partnership agreement signed between Sweden and California on the development of alternative energy. Reinfeldt said he was inspired by the positive, American “can-do” attitude presented by Schwarzenegger.

“We have an historic opportunity to make a difference,” he said.