Cats face sex and poop ban

Cats in the Swedish town of Söderköping are facing a crackdown, after the council issued a ban on free sex and on pooping in the flowerbeds.

Environmental and planning officers in the town, 180 kilometres south of Stockholm, have demanded that cat owners place litter trays outdoors. They have also said that cats not being used in breeding programmes should be castrated.

Local cats have been blamed for destroying plants, polluting sandpits, damaging cars, and tearing cushions on outdoor furniture.

The new rules also insist that cats usually kept indoors should be kept on a leash or under constant supervision when allowed outdoors.

The main problem, the officials claim, is “cat owners and the myth that cats can manage on their own.”

“The rules only apply to built-up ares,” added councillor Ingemar Andersson.

There is currently no penalty for breaking the rules, but Andersson warned that if there was not an improvement, the rules could be made legally binding.