Women arrested for releasing rabbits

Two women were arrested on Thursday night on suspicion of having released around 20 rabbits from their cages in a village near Uppsala in eastern Sweden.

It was not the first time the animal rights activists had paid a visit to the rabbit farm in Berga. Previous attempts to release the animals led to the installation of an alarm system and police were quick to arrive at the scene.

“They let out a whole gang of rabbits and daubed a car with graffiti,” police spokesman Staffan Wennberg told Expressen.

The women, one of whom is reported to be around 25 years old, are thought to belong to an animal rights organization. They have so farrefused to cooperate with police.

“They don’t want to say anything,” said Wennberg.

Both women are to be held for questioning on Friday.

The rabbits have not yet been found.