Hudiksvall chimney secured

A 55-metre chimney which had threatened to fall onto Sweden's main east-coast rail track was secured on Sunday night, allowing trains to start running again.

The chimney was located at a warm water production plant in Hudiksvall, 300 kilometres north of Stockholm. The steel casing around the chimney had broken, and heavy winds on Sunday afternoon had threatened to bring it crashing down onto the railway.

Emergency services were first alerted to the problem with the chimney around lunchtime. Two large cranes were brought in from nearby Sundsvall, and by 9pm workers had secured the chimney.

The rail track was reopened soon after the chimney had been made safe. Some 1,300 passengers had been delayed by the incident.

More permanent repairs to the chimney will be needed, according to Jens Bjöörn, spokesman for the plant’s owner, Fortum Värme.