Priest fined after taking amphetamines in coffee

A Church of Sweden priest was stopped by police for driving his car while under the influence of amphetamines after a parishoner put the drugs in his coffee.

The priest, who is in his forties, was seen by witnesses driving erratically on a road in Malmö. Police attempted to stop him, but he initially resisted pulling over, according to Skånska Dagbladet.

Tests showed that the priest had 0.07 micrograms of amphetamines per gram of blood, an amount which according to Swedish law made him unfit to drive.

The priest explained the presence of the drug in his blood by saying that he had been visiting a friend of some acquaintances who was suffering from drug problems.

While visiting the man he had been offered coffee, and around 30 to 45 minutes later he had started feeling unwell. The friends of the man put him to bed in the house, telling him that his coffee had probably been spiked. He was arrested while driving home the following day.

The court decided that the priest’s version of events was not unreasonable, although there remained question marks. He was convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs, but acquitted on more serious drugs charges. He was fined 10,800 kronor ($1,580).