Broken bottles found in pre-school sandpit

Staff at a pre-school in Örebro arrived at work on Friday to find the premises covered in shards of glass. A number of broken bottles were found hidden beneath the surface in the children's sandpit.

“We have taken the decision to replace all the sand,” Benny Fägerstad from Örebro council told The Local.

Fägerstand estimates that around 20 bottles were broken on the pre-school grounds on the evening of the Feast of the Ascension, which is a public holiday in Sweden.

The children have been kept indoors ever since the discovery was made, according to childcare worker Vivian Legin.

“There was glass all over the yard. When I did some digging in the sandpit I found the sharp bases of what must have been 15 bottles,” she told Expressen.

Legin suspects that the broken bottles were placed in the sandpit intentionally, with the aim of causing injury to the children.

“Well, they didn’t just jump there of there own accord,” she said.

The Sagogården pre-school is located near a public barbecue area and staff are used to finding discarded items on the premises.

“Every Monday we worry about what we might find. It feels terrible,” said Legin.

The council has brought in a digger, a truck and an industrial vacuum cleaner to help clear away the debris.

“We need the vacuum cleaner for the grass area. It’s hard to find a lot of the glass there, particularly because most of it is green glass,” said Benny Fägerstad.

The work is expected to cost 10,000 kronor ($1,400). Fägerstad expects the children to be able to begin playing outside again on Thursday.