Police push for brighter uniforms and loaded guns

Swedish police uniforms may be redesigned to tone down their more military aspects. A new report has also proposed that police officers always have their pistols loaded.

Lars Göran Carlsson, chief of police in Gävleborg, writes in his report that the dark uniform worn by police may be regarded as aggressive and militaristic by some.

Instead he proposes the introduction of a brighter sweater, straighter trousers and appropriate shoes rather than boots.

“We cannot ignore the fact that the uniform can contribute to improving or damaging the impression people have of the police,” said Carlsson in a statement.

The police chief also looked at the weapons and equipment used by the police.

Stun guns should be kept out of the Swedish police force, he argues, whereas police should be permitted to use fetters. And pistols should always be loaded.

“If you know that the weapon is loaded you will handle it accordingly. This reduces the risk of shots being fired accidentally in public places,” according to the report.