‘Bomb’ left behind after raid on Securitas depot

A depot owned by secure cash handling company Securitas has been robbed by a gang using a suspected bomb, caltraps and an earthmover to break their way in.

The raid took place on the depot in central Linköping, 200 kilometres south of Stockholm, in the early hours of Thursday morning. Emergency services said that the robbers used the earthmover to break into the depot.

Caltraps – spikes spread across the road to burst car tyres – had been found in several placed in the town. These are believed to have been intended to make it harder for police to get through.

The suspected bomb was found outside the premises, and police have sealed off the area.

Local newspaper Östgöta Correspondent says that nobody was hurt in the raid.

According to Magnus Persson, spokesman for Securitas’ cash handling division, Loomis, the robbers did not make away with any valuables.

“This is somewhat puzzling for us. This was a complete failure,” Persson said.

According to Persson, the robbers tried to break through a gate to a loading bay.

“They have left some kind of object that they say is a bomb. Whether it is a real bomb or not is something for the police to investigate.”