Radio station silenced by fly invasion

A radio station in Ystad was forced off the air for three hours on Wednesday following an unexpected fly invasion.

The problem arose after thousands of freshly hatched insects caused Radio Active’s broadcasting equipment to malfunction.

Staff at the small southern Swedish rock music channel discovered too late that a swarm of flies had laid eggs inside the equipment stored in a separate shed beside the studio.

When station manager Andreas Narsell opened the door he found the shed full of flies, both living and dead.

“Thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of black flies came flying out. The whole thing felt like a Hitchcock film,” he told newspaper Ystads Allehanda.

The station had to remain off the air for three hours while new equipment was installed.

“We have a new slogan now: ‘50,000 flies can’t be wrong – choose Radio Active’,” said Narsell.