Police not amused by burning boy

Young people in the Jönköping area have been warned not to follow the lead of a teenage boy whose fiery antics were recently caught on videotape. Internet users have been able to see footage of the 15-year-old boy being doused in petrol, setting himself alight and jumping into a lake.

Police and emergency services have joined forces with the boy’s school to warn youngsters of the dangers inherent in setting oneself on fire.

According to emergency services in the southern town, it is very possible that the boy could have entered a state of shock and remained standing on the jetty as he became engulfed in flames.

The incident occurred at a section of Tahesjön lake that is reserved for bathing. Around twenty of the boy’s friends stood by applauding as the 15year-old jumped into the lake.

Staff at the boy’s school have called a meeting with the pupils and their parents to discuss the matter. Emergency services meanwhile intend holding a series of lectures explaining to the boys the dangers of making films of this sort.