Man sent secret sex films to ex’s mother

A man who filmed his ex-girlfriend having sex with her new man and emailed the films to her mother and family friends has been fined 125,000 kronor by a court in Stockholm.

Before moving out of the apartment the couple shared during their two year relationship, the man had installed a hidden camera and microphone under the window sill in the woman’s bedroom. The equipment was activated by a movement detector and was connected to his computer, on which he could record and store the films.

The man, a 39-year-old businessman in the IT industry, then sent the films to his former girlfriend’s mother and a small number of family friends.

Solna District Court had ruled that the man’s behaviour was not harassment. This ruling was overturned on Monday by Stockholm Court of Appeal, which found the man guilty of harassment, giving him a suspended sentence and a fine. In addition to the harassment conviction, the man was found guilty of illegal bugging and defamation.

The woman said she had ended the relationship because the man was “compulsively jealous” and refused to attend therapy. She said the emails had a very bad effect on her mother, and that she herself had been visiting a psychologist to work through her experiences.

As well as fining the businessman, the court ordered him to pay damages to the ex-partner and her new boyfriend and to pay their costs. The total bill for the man landed at around 125,000 kronor ($18,290).