‘Supreme Court facilitates human smuggling’

Police and prosecutors in Nyköping have warned warn that a Supreme Court verdict is making life easier for human smugglers.

Authorities in the eastern town have called for tougher laws after the Supreme Court decided to fine a man caught travelling on his brother’s passport rather than send him to prison.

The case in question concerned a man who identified himself with his brother’s passport at Skavsta Airport. He was sentenced by Nyköping District Court to one month in prison, as was previously common practice for crimes of this sort.

But the Supreme Court took a more lenient view and overturned the decision.

Håkan Norling, a police chief investigator at the Skavsta border unit, is of the view that the Supreme Court verdict will make it easier for human smugglers to attract customers.

“When selling their services, the organization can tell the customer: ‘there won’t be much of a problem if you are arrested in Sweden. There’s no chance you will end up in prison. The worst that can happen is that you’ll be fined’,” he toldSödermanlands Nyheter.