Car crushed by runaway tank

A driver in southern Sweden escaped with minor injuries on Wednesday after his car was run over by tank that had lost one of its caterpillar tracks.

The tank, manned by six young conscripts, was participating in a major military exercise at Flyinge, near Lund, when the accident happened.

The tank clipped a tree, causing one of the caterpillar tracks to come off. This made the vehicle impossible to steer, and it veered over onto the wrong side of the road, running over the car. The car was crushed in the crash, which happened at low speed.

The driver of the car was reported to have sustained minor injuries, and was being treated at Lund University Hospital.

“The man appears to be OK. We are now going to carry out x-rays to see if there are injuries we can’t see,” said Per Längby, spokesman for the hospital.

The soldiers were participating in the Combined Challenge exercise, which involves 6,000 Swedish Army conscripts. The exercise started on Sunday, since when two accidents involving trucks have occurred and a number of participants have sustained minor injuries.

“That is unfortunately normal in an exercise such as this, with 6,000 participants and trucks involved,” said army spokeswoman Eva Nilsson.