Wallenberg monument vandalized

A new monument to Raoul Wallenberg has been vandalized just one week after it was unveiled in Gothenburg by Kofi Annan, Göteborgs-Posten reports.

The monument, created by artist Charlotte Gyllenhammar, was commissioned by Gothenburg council and is located at Haga Kyrkoplan. It consists of two parts: a bronze sculpture and a large concrete slab.

The sculpture is based on an picture taken during the Second World War of two emaciated young boys in the Warsaw Ghetto.

The boys lie at the feet of the concrete slab, on which is superimposed an image of a young Raoul Wallenberg. The young man in the picture later went on to become a war hero when he moved to Budapest and helped to prevent thousands of Jews from being sent to the concentration camps.

It is this image that has now been vandalized, with somebody having etched a set of horns onto Wallenberg’s forehead.