Göran Persson fined for safety breaches

Göran Persson has decided to accept the accusation that he broke health and safety rules during the building of his mansion in Torp, south-west of Stockholm.

The admission means that the prosecutor will not press charges and there will not be a trial. Instead the former prime minister will have to pay a fine of 30,000 kronor ($4,260).

Persson has however continued to stress that the safety breaches were a result of negligence and not intent.

“I have faxed over a decision to the prosecutor in which we communicate that we accept the summary judgment,” Persson’s lawyer Thomas Nilsson told Aftonbladet.

The investigation into the building of Persson’s house started in May last year. Neither Persson, who was the officially named constructor, or his brother, the builder, had submitted the required papers prior to building starting. They also failed to submit a health and safety plan.

Persson initially denied negligence and intent when questioned by police. This left two alternatives for prosecutors – either to abandon the investigation or to prosecute.

“You can’t impose a fine by summary order if the person denies culpability,” said prosecutor Lars Lundin.