Swedish brand worth a fortune

Sweden is ranked eighth in a list of forty countries assessed according to the relative strength of their brands. According to an index compiled by nation-branding guru Simon Anholt, the Swedish brand is worth $464 billion.

The Anholt Nation Brands Index interviewed 25,900 consumers in 35 countries on their perceptions of the cultural, political, commercial and human assets, investment potential and tourist appeal of each nation.

The USA topped the list with a brand worth a whopping 19,735 billion dollars.

Sweden’s eight position put it ahead of Scandinavian neighbours Denmark (13) and Norway (14). Companies such a Ericsson, Absolut, Volvo and IKEA were responsible for tipping the scales in Sweden’s favour.

“We have very strong corporate brands. Norway and Sweden also have large corporations but they are not as strongly associated with their countries. Rather they are viewed as Scandinavian brands,” said Joakim Lind, spokesman for Simon Anholt Brands Index.

The valuation of the Swedish brand at $464 billion represents an increase of 16.5 percent since last year.

But Sweden needs to become better at marketing the monarchy if it is to maximize its value. Monarchies are major money-spinners in the modern world, according to Anholt.