Boom time for bars and restaurants

Swedish bars and restaurants are feeling the full benefits of a strong economy. Last year customers in Sweden spent 7.7 percent more on food and drink than the previous year, according to the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Association (SHR).

Björn Arnek, an economist at SHR, explains the trend as a by-effect of Sweden’s burgeoning economy.

“There has been very strong growth, with demand really taking off during the second half of the year,” he told trade magazine Restauratören.

Regions experiencing the highest rate of growth in turnover were Halland and Östergötland, up 14 and 13 percent respectively on the previous year.

Restaurant spending in Jönköping by contrast rose by just two percent.

“There are no simple explanations for certain counties doing so well. High growth in the general economy does not always go hand in hand with high growth in the restaurant industry,” said Arnek.

In terms of per capita spending, people in Stockholm topped the list. The average Stockholmer spent almost 9,000 kronor ($1,280) in pubs and restaurants last year.

Inhabitants of Sörmland were considerably less inclined to leave their homes, spending just 3,500 kronor on food and drink.