‘Swede dead’ after US strike in Somalia

A Swedish citizen has been reported killed in Somalia following an American air attack against alleged Islamic extremists in the rebel Puntland region.

The governor of the Barri Region, Mussa Jelle Yusuf, told news agency AFP that the Americans were targeting “an al-Qaeda hideout.”

The dead Swede was said to be among a number of citizens of western countries killed in the attack. The Swedish Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that it did not have any official information about a missing Swede in the region.

Foreign Ministry spokesman AndrĂ© Mkandawire told Svenska Dagbladet that it could take time to get information, as Sweden’s nearest diplomatic mission to Somalia is in Kenya.

He said the Foreign Ministry did not have current records of the number of Swedes in Somalia, but added that “we discourage people from going there, due to the current situation.”