Man ‘fired shots at partygoers’

A man was arrested on Saturday night on suspicion of firing shots at a party in Bjärnum, southern Sweden.

The man, 38, was found by police at 2am in his home in Bjärnum, 100 kilometres north-east of Malmö. After two hours of negotiations they persuaded him to give himself up. He was then arrested without further incident.

The party had been held in a carport by a house in the town. At 11pm guests at the party heard two shots being fired in the vicinity. They then saw a man in a neighbouring garden armed with a shotgun, threatening the party. Nobody was harmed by the shots.

Police say they have no reason to believe that anybody would have wanted to target any of the partygoers.

“They were having a party and playing music, but we don’t know if that’s what’s behind this,” said police spokesman Charley Nilsson.

Nilsson said that the man was “previously known to us in a criminal context.”

He is now suspected of crimes including threatening behaviour and gun crimes.