Man cleared of locking daughter in fridge

The 32-year-old man suspected of risking his daughter's life by locking her inside a refrigerator has been cleared of all charges by Sundsvall District Court.

The man was charged with twice having caused his daughter bodily harm.

In December 2005, the girl was treated for burns caused by boiling water. Six months later, in June 2006, she was again hospitalized after losing consciousness as a result of either being held in cold water or locked inside a refrigerator.

The court ruled however that there was no evidence tying the girl’s father to either of the incidents. As the girl has not suggested that her father hurt her in any way, the court decided to drop the charge of serious assault.

During the trial, the suspect pleaded not guilty to having injured his daughter, although he was unable to provide an explanation for her injuries. He had been alone with the girl at the time of both of her injuries.

The then four-year-old girl was unconscious when she arrived at Sundsvall Hospital in June last year. Her body temperature was well below normal and she remained in a critical condition for several days.

Though cleared of the central charge, the 32-year-old was fined for violently resisting arrest when first apprehended by police on suspicion of assaulting his daughter.