Fiat and Ford get green car garlands

Fiat and Ford shared the top spot when the Swedish Association of Green Motorists (Gröna Bilister) presented its list of the best green cars of 2007 on Monday.

The gas-driven Fiat Punto Biopower scored highly for its fuel efficiency while last year’s winner, the Ford Focus FFV, is still ranked highest among ethanol-powered cars. Both cars also garnered praise for their low fuel emissions and excellent safety.

Sales of environmentally friendly cars have shot up in Sweden since the government introduced a new ‘green cars bonus’ on April 1st. The scheme entitles buyers to a 10,000 kronor ($1,400) reduction.

In May, a record 4,900 new green cars were registered and annual sales for 2007 are expected to break new records. There is also a greater selection of green cars on the market than ever before.

Sweden’s best-selling green car is the Saab 9-5 Biopower, followed by the Ford Focus FFV and the Volvo V50 Flexifuel.