Thousands of schoolkids sent pornographic pictures

Thousands of school students in Lund received pornographic pictures in their email last week, it has been revealed.

The pictures were sent out by a high school pupil and remained on the local authority’s servers for several days, according to Sydsvenskan.

It appears that between 10,000 and 11,000 school children received the pictures.

Despite being sent out at the end of last week, the images were not removed from all email accounts until Tuesday. The reason given by Lund municipality’s IT department was that the email server was in Norway and the scale of the mass mailing was not spotted.

“We discovered it all at once after, for obvious reasons, people reacted,” said IT coordinator Hans Olsson to Sydsvenskan.

The pictures were very offensive, according to Olsson.

“They are so vulgar that words cannot describe them. I’ve never seen anything so disgusting.”

The ability to send out bulk email has now been removed from the system.